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The River Weaver.


This is a river navigation, wide and deep, even in the lock cuts since it is capable of handling small coasters. The locks often come in pairs, the larger ones will take ships 150 feet long by 30 feet wide. Bridges are either high or swinging since the head room throughout is 29 feet, and on the lower stretch it is 56 foot. All the locks and the swing bridges are operated by keepers.

Scenery wise the canal has two natures. At the bottom end the town of Runcorn, in the middle that of Northwich and at the top end that of Winsford provide urban scenery. However the two long stretches in between are very rural in nature and a delight to cruise upon.

Two railways cross the navigation, but they do so on spectacular high viaducts at either end of the navigation.



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Unfortunately we will not be on this river in 2012 during our cruises.

However we are cruising on other canals and rivers in 2012, details of these cruises can be found at

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