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The River Trent.

N.B. The River Trent falls into three different sections.

Shardlow to Nottingham.

The navigation in this stretch alternates between the River itself, deep and wide and stretches of canal bypassing the weirs.

At Derwent mouth you have the choice of either travelling up the river or up the start of the Trent and Mersey to Shardlow, but only the canal allows through traffic. Below Derwent mouth a short stretch of river takes you to the Sawley cut.

The Sawley cut by passes the weir and drops you back onto the river at Sawley locks. Another mile of the river follows to Trent lock.

You then pass onto Cranfleet cut, after which you are back on the river Trent for a further four miles.

Throughout this early stretch the River is accompanied by flood plains but motorways, railway and Coolling towers abound.

Finally you leave the river for Beeston Cut and then the Nottingham canal which together take you into the very heart of the city of Nottingham.


Nottingham to Cromwell Lock.

You rejoin the river by dropping down a deep lock and coming out opposite Nottingham football ground however you soon leave the city behind.

Throughout this 30 mile stretch of River the six locks are set alongside the weirs with no lengthy separate cuts unlike the first stretch. The river passes down the side of several towns but the wide flood meadows dominate.


The Tidal Stretch.

You join the tidal stretch of the Trent at Cromwell lock. For this stretch boats follow the directions of the lock keeper to fit in with the flow of the tides. The river is broad and meanders. Few bridges cross it and few settlements are alongside it. We will use it to access one of the canals that join it, but it is still a spectacular cruise in its own right.



Unfortunately we will not be on this river in 2012 during our cruises.

However we are cruising on other canals and rivers in 2012, details of these cruises can be found at

routes for 2012.


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Shardlow to Nottingham. / Nottingham to Cromwell lock.


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