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The River Soar.


For twenty four miles the River Soar has been made navigable from its mouth at Trent Lock just above Thrumpton Weir on the River Trent up into the centre of Leicester.

The river Soar contrast to the Trent is narrow and winding. The first three locks in the shadow of the massive cooling towers of Ratcliffe Power Station are usually kept open in summer, being there to cope with the floods of the winter. In the nine mile stretch up to the outskirts of Loughborough there are in fact only two locks which are in use all the time both of them are deep and Zouch has flood moorings above it protected by a further flood gate. However the threat of flooding has saved this stretch of river from development along its banks.

At Loughborough as the canal winds for three miles through the town and industry it climbs up two locks and passes the recently redeveloped wharf.

Until the outskirts of Leicester for another eight miles the river meanders around its flood plain passing up through another four or five locks, one only operates if the river is in flood. Despite the occasion intrusion of small towns or large villages it is very pleasant cruising.

At first when you reach the outskirts of Leicester the city is held at bay by the flood plain and flooded gravel workings. So for a further four miles and three locks you are accompanied by grass and trees. However for the last two miles the river assumes the characteristic of an inner city canal as it passes via two final locks right into the heart of Leicester. Mooring here is at secured moorings alongside Castle Park in the very centre of Leicester at the start of the Leicester and Northampton canal which carries the navigation on South.




Unfortunately we will not be on this river in 2012 during our cruises.

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