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The River Severn.


Only a short section of the middle Severn is navigable to our boats. Below Gloucester lies the difficult waters of the Severn estuary, now by passed by the Gloucester and Sharpness canal. Above Stourport the river has never been improved and the absence of weirs and locks makes navigation for our boats impossible.

At Gloucester you go down the lock, like all locks on the Severn keeper operated, from the docks into the East channel, a relatively narrow stretch of the river as it passes around the outskirts of Gloucester and under a number of roads and railways. When it arrives at the upper parting, the west channel takes much of the water to Maisemore weir, we turn right towards Worcester and the river immediately becomes very wide. As we head up to Tewkesbury moorings are few and crowded, There is only Haw bridge in the whole of the fourteen mile stretch.

At Tewkesbury the river again divides immediately after Upper Lode Lock, the right hand branch is the start of the River Avon and up it are the moorings for Tewkesbury whose abbey has been tantalisingly visible on the right bank for a while. The main channel goes under King's John's bridge and continues its stately way up past Upton on another sixteen miles length up to Worcester with no locks and only Upton bridge over it. This stretch however now sees revived commercial traffic with motorised barges collecting gravel from the gravel pits and delivering it to the processing plant further up river. Unfortunately the state of the lower Severn has prevented the company being able to develop this to Gloucester as they wish.

At Worcester the river goes up through Diglis lock past Diglis basin where the Worcester and Birmingham canal starts its climb up to Birmingham. The river now continues up to Stourport through another three locks in twelve miles. However it is still over hundred foot wide throughout.

Finally at Stouport the river carries on, but is no longer navigable. Boats climb the locks, narrow or barge into Stourport basin for the start of the Staff and Worcs canal.



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