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The Rochdale Canal.

N.B. The Rochdale canal forms one of the great canal routes across the Pennines. Since at present we have no plans to use it, these notes only deal with the section in Manchester.

The Manchester section of the Rochdale is one of the most spectacular stretches of Urban canal in the UK. In the course of nine broad locks, very heavy to work, the canal climbs from it's Castlefields junction with the Bridgewater canal up to the junction with the Ashton canal. Some of this stretch actually passes through the basements of the high office blocks which for much of the length rise up on either side of the canal to create a canyon like effect.

Throughout the length city life in the raw goes on around you as you pass by.



Some pictures of this canal?

Pictures of the Rochdale canal.


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Unfortunately we will not be on this canal in 2012 during our cruises.

However we are cruising on other canals and rivers in 2012, details of these cruises can be found at

routes for 2012.



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