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The River Avon.


The River Avon leaves the River Severn at Tewkesbury. The six miles up to the first lock at Strensham are mainly wide and straight. All the locks on the River Avon are enough to take two boats but some of them on the Lower Avon, like this one at Stensham are too short to let us take both boats up together. Unlike the Rivers Severn or Thames we work all but two of these locks ourselves.

Above the lock for the next eight miles up to Pershore the river is never wide and in some stretches such as Swan's neck it is very narrow indeed. From Tewkesbury right up to Pershore, apart from the M5 high above us the only bridge is the ancient one at Eckington. The river feels very isolated with no even adjacent villages.

At Pershore you have two bridges, the old and new and two locks close together, Pershore and Wyre lock, in-between are the moorings for the town of Pershore.

The next eleven miles up to Evesham are a continuation of the rural river, as you come into Evesham the town appears with promenades and riverside parks. Historically Evesham lock marks the end of the Lower and the start of the Upper Avon.

The next eight miles with their three locks see more delightful river, sometimes, particularly below the locks narrow and winding. The locks are now all rebuilds by the Upper Avon Trust.

The last nine miles up into Stratford upon Avon have six more locks and some very very narrow and winding stretches as the river starts to rise up. The River Avon itself starts in Leicestershire and passes through Warwick but at present the head of navigable is at Stratford-upon-Avon, though some people would like to see it made navigable through to the Grand Union at Warwick but this idea is fairly controversial. At Stratford there are extensive moorings both on the river itself and in Bancroft basin were the Stratford-upon-Avon canal starts.



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