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The Peak Forest Canal.


This canal starts at Dukinfield junction with the Ashton canal. For the next seven miles it skirts the edge of civilisation, retaining the feel of a rural canal, yet with the city just around the corner. It last a Llangollen style lift bridge and two short tunnels, Woodley, 167 yards, and Hyde Bank, 308 yards, a third tunnel at Rose Hill of 100 yards was open out to leave a narrow cutting.

As it approaches Marple the canal crosses a deep valley on the very impressive Marple aqueduct. In the next mile it climbs 214 foot up sixteen locks of the Marple flight starting in the country and ending up amongst the streets of Marple. At the top of the locks the Macclesfield canal joins immediately from the south west.

The Peak forest canal heads up one side of the river valley it has just crossed over on Marple aqueduct. .The last seven miles are on the level cut out of the side of the valley with views over to the mountains beyond. There are two swing bridges and one lift bridge but no locks. Finally you come to the two terminus, both built to transfer limestone to the canal. Whaley bridge just has the one basin, a former warehouse and the village of Whaley Bridge rises around it.

The one at Bugsworth is isolated from the village, although the bypass unfortunately intrudes on it in sound if not in sight. It is still very impressive. It was only reopened to boats in 2005. Today you can explore the numerous once busy wharfs, mooring where boats once loaded limestone.

This canal is well worth travelling on for the basin at Bugsworth, for the miles that cling to the side of the mountains and for the locks and aqueduct at Marple. All three justify a visit.




Unfortunately we will not be on this canal in 2012 during our cruises.

However we are cruising on other canals and rivers in 2012, details of these cruises can be found at

routes for 2012.


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Pictures from Dunkinfield to Marple / Pictures from Marple to Whaley Bridge


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