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The Montgomery Canal.

At present very little of this lovely canal is available for us to cruise, just seven miles. From Frankton Junction to the current terminus. It is however beautifully peaceful and quiet. It is a must for everyone to visit, both to celebrate the reopening of this canal and to rest in the peace and quiet.

The Montgomery canal leaves the Llangollen canal at Frankton junction. Immediately it drops down through the four Frankton locks, the top two forming a staircase. Use of the locks has to be booked and is under the control of keepers to ration the use of this canal.

Then follows four miles of level canal to reach the Queens Head. Here a lowered road bridge forced termination of navigation for many years. This whole section, including the rebuilt Perry aqueduct has been lowered a foot by the creation of the new Graham Parmer lock to ease restoration.

You drop down through the last locks on the canal, the well spread out three Aston locks with the nature reserves created alongside. Only another two miles of the canal remains navigable. The current terminus being at Gronwyn wharf just after the village of Maesbury Marsh and the lift bridge at Crofts Mill.

Work is however in progress on the next section and a further two miles to Crickheath Wharf are to be filled with water for 2008 and opened to navigation once vegetation has re-established itself for 2009. Latest news.



Books on the Montgomery Canal.

There are a number of very good books about canals, but one I would personally recommend on this canal is;

The Archaeology of the Montgomeryshire Canal. Written by Stephen Hughes and published in 1981 by The Royal commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments in Wales. ISBN 1-871184-02-9
A book which looks at the canal from the point of view of the history seen in the structures.

This book is in our library on Oak and Ash and available for you to read during your cruise, as are many other books.



We will be on this canal in 2012 during cruise



Some pictures of this canal?

Pictures of the Montgomery canal.


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A history of this canal.


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