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The Llangollen Canal.


This canal is best known for its great aqueduct at Pontcysyllte. It is one of the most impressive features on the canals of the UK. It is over 1,000 feet long and 120 feet high. It has an iron trough and is supported by 20 brick piers. However this canal has much more.

It starts with the flight of locks at Hurlestone which lift the canal up off the main line of the Shrophshire Union. For the next few miles it winds through quiet countryside with scattered locks and some picturesque villages. Scattered around are the lift bridges which are another feature of this canal.

Then you come to Grindley Brook, a flight of six locks three of them in one staircase, on any canal but the Llangollen they would be the major feature! As the canal goes on in addition to the market towns of Withchurch and Ellesmere the scenery changes. The canal crosses an impressive peat bog at Whixall and winds through the lakes, or 'meres', which surround Ellsemere, again elsewhere they would be the major feature. As the canal crosses into Wales at Chirk it is carried over a massive stone aqueduct and lunges virtually immediately into the first of two short tunnels both with footpaths through them if you wish to walk. Again anywhere else ..... Finally you come to Pontcysyllte, and it is impressive. The canal travels in cast iron trough only just wide enough for the boat, 120 foot above the valley held up by slender stone piers.

However the canal has not finished, it makes a sharp turn and you are on the very narrow channel to Llangollen clinging to one side of the Dee valley with mountains visible in all directions. Finally you come to Llangollen. Again anywhere else ....

As I started to say the Llangollen does have more to see than just the great aqueduct. Drawbacks the number of people who travel on it, many of them in a tremendous hurry, and many of them first-timers unsure how to handle their boats on what is quite a difficult canal. However do not let that spoil it for you we allow plenty of time so we can get out of their way! If you have never yet been on the Llangollen, then it is a must..




We will be on this canal in 2012 during cruises

3 and 4


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