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The Gloucester & Sharpness ship Canal.


The Gloucester & Shapness Canal is still open to boats though the vessels that use it today are a far cry from those which it was built for. Today it is pleasure boats which can be seen though it was ocean going sailing ships that used the waterway in its heyday.

The start of the canal is at the historic Gloucester Docks where it links with the River Severn (which heads north towards the Midlands). Here it is possible to moor actually in the docks with a wide variety of vessels, often including full rigged sailing ships for company. Adjacent is the National Waterways Museum, itself in an old warehouse, while the centre of Gloucester city is only ten minutes walk away.

The canal then runs south for about 16 miles to Sharpness on the tidal Severn Estuary. It is broad, deep and straight. Its main feature being the swing bridges, all keeper operated. The countryside is open flat and windswept. The edges of the Severn estuary.

At Sharpness the docks are still in commercial use so we moor just outside them. Here we are right alongside one of the wildest parts of the Severn estuary with a line of sunken ships providing strength to the sea wall.




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Unfortunately we will not be on this canal in 2012, during our cruises.

However we are cruising on other canals and rivers in 2012, details of these cruises can be found at

routes for 2012.



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