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The Coventry Canal.


The Coventry canal, one of the earliest canals to be built in the UK, runs from the heart of the city of Coventry to join the Trent and Mersey canal at Fradley junction. Near Coventry it has a a junction with the Oxford canal, thus providing part of one of the first routes from Manchester and Birmingham to London via Oxford and the River Thames. Later both the Ashby and the Birmingham and Fazeley canal were join to it creating a number of alternative routes.

The canal starts at a well restored basin right in the heart of Coventry. The first five miles are well maintained urban canal enlightened by a trail which has a wide range of art, murals, sculpture, light effects etc. along the canal. This takes the canal out to the junction at Hawkesbury with the Oxford canal.

After Hawkesbury junction the canal passes through a mixture of country and towns as it makes its way Northwest. First in just under three miles to Marston Junction with the Ashby canal, and then for a further eighteen miles to Fazeley Junction, near Tamworth. This was the north Warwickshire coal field, source of much of the trade of the canal. Some of the few remaining traces have been landscaped and in many cases converted into nature reserves. The further you get from Coventry, the more rural the canal becomes. The only locks on this canal are in the one well kept flight of eleven locks alongside the town of Atherstone. There are no tunnels and only a few aqueducts, the most impressive that at Tamworth,

The finally section of eleven miles from Frazeley junction with the Birmingham and Fazeley canal and Fradley junction with the Trent and Mersey canal take the Coventry canal through open fields with just a couple of villages to add interest to the peace and quiet of this section.




We will be on this canal in 2012 during cruises

16 and 18


Some pictures of this canal?

Coventry to Hawkesbury / Hawkesbury to Marston / Marston to Frazley / Frazley to Fradley.


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