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The Caldon Canal.


The Caldon canal, more correctly the Caldon branch of the Trent and Mersey canal, was designed to serve the Limestone quarries near Froghall. Now however the industry has gone and what is left is recognised as one of the most pleasant canals in the UK.

The canal starts at Eturia in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent, right alongside Etuscan Bone and Flint Mill, which is part of Eturia Industrial Museum. Within a few hundred yards the canal climbs up the only staircase locks in the area. For the first three or four miles it is an urban canal passing through areas which are being regenerated. After Milton it becomes, and remains, rural. Although the cities are never far away very little trace of them impinges upon the isolation of the canal.

At Stockton Brook four locks take you to the summit level which is maintained all the way to the one terminus at Leek. First this branch passes over the main canal in an aqueduct at Hazelhurst and then it clings to the side of the valley and plunges through the tiny magical Leek tunnel of 130 yards. The last half a mile of the canal after the junction with the feeder have been filled in so the canal ends very abruptly on an aqueduct.

The main line drops down through Hazelhurst locks to pass under the Leek branch and join the Churnet valley and eventually the river Churnet itself. A restored steam railway soon makes its presence known and accompanies the canal/river for many miles. Along the way we pass the restored Mill at Chedleton which once ground flints for the pottery industry by water power.

The effective terminus for us is amongst the trees at Consall forge. The canal does continue for another two miles after locking up off the river through some beautiful country but Froghall tunnel just before the terminus is too low for our boats and British Waterways have shortened the last winding hole by the tunnel to just 65 foot! However it is well worth walking this last section and looking around the recent restoration work at the basin of the Utoxeter canal.



Unfortunately we will not be on this canal in 2012 during our cruises.

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