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The Ashby Canal.

The Ashby Canal is rural, quiet and totally without locks in its 21 miles as it follows the 300 ft contour. It starts at Marston junction on the edge of the Nuneaton-Bedworth urban area. For the first five miles it is rural, though with town-scape in the background and electric power lines above.

Then in the next two miles it passes through the town of Hinckley. After this it is a very rural canal, apart from a few villages, which are generally off to one side, the canal slowly meanders through the peaceful English countryside.

The canal itself is very gentle. It has low embankments and one tunnel, Snarestone 250 yards. Throughout much of its length it is narrow and shallow. There are only two marinas and one boatyard on the whole canal.

For six miles it accompanies the Battlefield Steam railway, with all three stations including the main depot being alongside the canal. Also adjacent to the canal is the site of the last great medieval battle, that of Bosworth in 1485 which now has an interpretation centre. Visits to both can be included in our cruises if guests wish.

This is not a canal for the active as it has no locks and only one short tunnel, come if you want to unwind and see the countryside at the slow pace of the canals.



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